The UP Alumni Association Credit Card

Introducing the University of the Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA) Visa Credit Card, the card for the “iskolar ng bayan”.

The UPAA has partnered with UnionBank to launch the UP Alumni Association Visa Credit Card. Graduates who sign up for the UPAA Visa Credit Card will not only support their Alumni Association but will also enjoy special discounts and privileges in various establishments. Every time the card is used, a percentage of spend is automatically donated to the Alumni Association. The donations will greatly help the Alumni Association’s education, healthcard, livelihood, and other projects.

And, since the UPAA Visa Credit Card is a UnionBank credit card, cardholders enjoy other features such as worldwide acceptance, installment program, auto-charge facility (automatic payment of utility bills), auto-insurance installment plan, discounts and freebies, 24/7 customer service hotline, internet access to the credit card account, unlimited number of supplementary cards, various payment channels, and flexible payment schemes among the others.

Support your Alumni Association now, and get the UP Alumni Association Visa Credit Card. To apply for a UPAA Visa Credit Card, call 841-8600 or fill out an application form at the UP Alumni Association’s office.